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Show All Products in Prestashop »

Download the attachment and place the below link anywhere on the website to call a page to display all products. <a href="{$link->getPageLink('all-products')|escape:'html'}">{l s='Show All Products'}</a> DOWNLOAD

How to Set post expiration date/time on your WordPress blog »

Do you regret that WordPress haven’t a feature to publish a post during only 2 days, or one week? Here is a very nice code that you can use in your WordPress theme, to enable the possibility of creating post expiration based on date and time. Edit your theme and replace your current WordPress loop ...

How to load jQuery from Google CDN »

By default, WordPress load its own copy of jQuery in your theme. But what about loading the library from Google CDN? Here’s an easy way to do it. Paste the code below into your functions.php file: function jquery_cdn() { if (!is_admin()) { wp_deregister_script('jquery'); wp_register_script('jquery', 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min.js', false, '1.8.3'); wp_enqueue_script('jquery'); } } add_action('init', 'jquery_cdn'); Once you saved ...

Unique different admin and theme languages on your WordPress »

Simply set the desired locale (on line 6) then add the code to your functions.php file.

Increase mobile visitors on your WordPress blog »

Once done, simply open your header.php file and place the following at the top of the file. Don’t forget to edit line 5 according to the page where you’d like to redirect mobile users. include('mobile_device_detect.php'); $mobile = mobile_device_detect(); if ($mobile==true) { header( 'Location: http://your-website.com/?theme=Your_Mobile_Theme' ) ; }